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We work hard to keep our fees low and make them affordable. In order to do that, payment must be made at the time of service, either by cash, credit card, insurance or Medicaid. Most insurance plans and Medicaid are accepted, but coverage must be verified prior to the procedure.”


Discount are given to students and financial assistance is offered to those who qualify

Weeks Price Lab
Consultation R200
Below 5 wks R1,000 R200
6.0 up to 8 wks R1,500 R200
9.0 up to 12 wks R2,000 R200
13.0 up to 16 wks R2,500 R200
17.0 up to18 wks R2,800 R200
19.0 up to 20 wks R3,200 R200
21.0 up to 22 wks R3,500 R200
22.0 up to 23 wks R3,875 R200
23.0 up to 24 wks R4,000 R200
24.0 up to 24 wks R5,000 R200